What Crystal Gazing offers You

An ancient practice used to gain meaningful clarity over life's uncertainties

Discover and Heal unseen Forces

Identify and clear subtle energies affecting your thoughts and emotions

Release Negativity, Clear Blockages


Recover Natural Joy

Remove blockages of Stress, Anger, and irritability

Ancient Crystal Gazing

provides expansive insights into the spirit World and the influence of spirits in our lives. We uncover and clear the subtle energies that affect your life. This restores harmony, health, and happiness - your natural state.

With over 20 years of experience, we bring unique and ancient approaches to the clearing of energetic influences. Bring light to unseen situations and resolve troubling issues. 

Whatever may be ailing you ~ family issues, relationships, past lives, spiritual, health, and wellness, or anything else you may have questions about. This ancient crystal practice will uncover the answers you seek.


Be prepared for a profound awakening and brand new outlook on life. The crystal will guide you and help to direct you on your path.


Crystal Gazing is unlike anything you have experienced before and can bestow many of the answers to life's most puzzling questions. This ancient practice has been passed down through generations to assist the people through times ahead. Powerful insight, protection from negative energies, and blessings abound in this truly one-of-a-kind sacred session.

 Discover the spiritual dimension of your healing.

What Happens in a Crystal Healing Service? 
  • You share your question, concern, and issue when you purchase a healing session. 

  • We confirm with you when the crystal healing will be conducted.

  • We are pleased to offer these healing services remotely.

  • a sacred fire will be lit.

  • The Crystal Gazing will take place.

  • if desired one can be in a meditative or relaxed State when the session occurs.

  • A summary of the findings and recommendations are provided. 



The fire is one of the greatest teachers and opens the doorways to the spiritual dimension of life.  coals are used in conjunction with A crystal for healing direction.