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Angel Clearing

Angel Clearing


Archangels and spirit guides are called upon to assist in this clearing.


This healing focuses on clearing the chakras from emotional residue that has built up over the years, as well as clearing an energy that you or a loved one may have recently picked up that is causing a distrubance in your life.


Testimonials attest to feeling refreshed and regaining a sense of self. 


"I often ask for an angel clearing for my daughter when she is, out of sorts and not herself, or even has gone so far as becoming hysterical, we have seen over and over again, her return to her fun and joyful self following the clearing ... this has become our go to help hotline of sorts... This has been an incredible service, which can be done even from afar, that has restored order to our home, our child, and resulting our family. " - Anna R.

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