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A sacred fire will be lit, the coals and quartz will be used to help identify what has been ailing you, or a loved one, or to take a closer look at a situation of your choosing. 

This can aid in clearing personal or generational traumas, as well as clearing the energy of a physical place such as one's home.  

Helps address and bring clarity to answers you are seeking. 

"This service has been nothing short of remarkable, I received information pertinent to my family's situation that could not have been known prior,  the gazing revealed the information we needed in-order to clear and protect our home. A prayer was also done for a sick family member and I am thrilled to say she is healthy again." - Julia H.


A crystal gazing is an ancient ceremony that uses the crystal and gazing into the coals, to reveal ailments, and expose spirits that are linked to causing illnesses, then prayers are conducted to remove the spirits and other ailing conditions, to bring about and restore: health/ peace. 


people gaze on/ gaze for:

-spiritual tune up/ clearing 

-prayers for loved ones/ protection prayers 

-guidance/ questions 

-persistant illnesses

-psychological disorders/ distresses

-haunted houses

-possessed people (themselves/ family members)

-and much more...

Crystal Gazing, Healing and Clearing


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