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Fulvic Eye Sooth is a potent solution to soothe red, dry, and irritated eyes. It battles against fungi, viruses, and bacteria while reducing inflammation. This product supplies essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by the rods and cones of the eye which naturally regenerate every 48 hours. It's particularly effective for treating ulcerous cornea infections and comes with no side effects.


Our formula uses only the smallest Fulvic Acid molecules, making these drops incredibly powerful for cellular detoxification. They are also highly efficient for delivering nutrients to your eyes and removing excess heavy metals from your eyes and body.



The rods and cones in our eyes can regenerate every 48 hours if they receive the right micronutrients. Our Fulvic Acid Eye Drops provide these necessary nutrients, helping to repair your eyes and enhance your vision. 


Extensive studies conducted in hospital eye clinics using humic extracts have shown success in curing eye diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.


For infected corneas, patients treated with Fulvic Acid eye drops at a hospital eye clinic experienced a success in combating ulcerous cornea infection.


Dr. Jerry Tenant, a renowned expert in numerous fields, discusses his book "Healing is Voltage" and shares his perspective on Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic eye drops

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  • "A couple of weeks ago, I found out that what I was experiencing in my eye was what the eye dr. called a floater. I had damage the viscous lining between "eye color" and retina after lifting something heavy. I was practically put on bed rest for a week or so to minimize the danger of a detached retina. Dr. told me the "floater" would never quite go away but my brain would become accustomed to it and I would not notice it as much. So..I ordered some of the fulvic eye drops and got them yesterday. I have had three doses and can already see a BIG difference in the thing that keeps floating in front of my eye. It doesn't seem as prominent. I can't wait to keep using these drops to see if they continue to improve this problem. If they do, you can believe I am going to show the drops to the eye dr. and tell him he needs to start recommending this product. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS!!!!!"

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