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Tutu Xuiyari is an authorized Crystal Gazer that has facilitated thousands of Crystal Gazings since his initiations.


He has apprenticed with Wixárika Marakames Don Chevelo, Don Hulio, and Don Jovintino for 20 years living on and off with their families in Mexico.


He also apprenticed with Sundance Chief Leonard Crowdog, Cheyenne elder, Sundance Chief and Roland Kingfisher.


Tutu is a mentor to many and assists in rehabilitation efforts. Tutu trained at the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams and worked with author Stuart Wilde on his Sacred Sites Tours. He is also a graduate of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Chakra Healing courses. Healing Services offered at Next Level 444, are conducted by Tutu Xuiyari.


“The crystal and fire elements used in Stargazing guide into the depths of your inner spirit and psyche identifying and removing attachments and help to direct you on your path to positive and enlightening improvements in all areas of your life.


Find answers to deeper questions, as well as direction, in the Truth that emerges.


Jono Tutu can guide you to answers, certainty and help you with the spiritual Will to act on what is revealed.


Ask about: Relationships, Family, Business-career, Health and/or Spiritual matters. Highly Recommended! Protect family. Lift curses. Activate blessings. And much more."

 David Avocado Wolfe
Hawaii, USA

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